In Europe, equipment which is for use in or intended to be connected to equipment used in a potentially explosive atmosphere is required to be of a specific design such as flameproof, increased safety, intrinsically safe, etc.

 The Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Directives typically related to these products are:

  • » Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Directive, commonly referred to as the “New Approach” or ATEX*.

*ATEX  - This Directive applies to electrical and non-electrical equipment/components and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

PL Controls can provide the traditional hardwired systems that use intrinsically safe isolation barriers, or the effective use of Fibre optic or other media, networking intrinsically safe remote I/O. This allows the Enclosure/HMI/Solenoids to be located local to the components without the need for long cabling runs and barriers.